2019 Conference


Fibershed: building regional and regenerative fiber systems that protects the health of our biosphere.” 

Stephany Wilkes iss the author of Raw Material: Working Wool in the West. She is a member of the Fibershed, that supports farmers in carbon farming and connects end-users to farms and ranches. By expanding opportunities to implement carbon farming and forming catalytic foundations to rebuild regional manufacturing, and through connecting end-users to farms and ranches, Fibershed envisions the emergence of an international system of regional textile communities that enliven connection and ownership of ‘soil-to-soil’ textile processes.

A first generation’s grazier path to the pasture: making one’s way in the west

Ariel Greenwood grew up in the rural wilds of North Carolina and began farming at 16. In college, she studied agroecology and psychology while working with community gardens and private farms. Ariel managed livestock in Northern California for 4 1/2 years, primarily at Pepperwood Preserve and Freestone Ranch in the North Bay region, and is now working in the intermountain west with my partner and his cattle company. Ariel is interested in soil, scale, psyche, sovereignty, and resource security. Most of her professional work revolves around restoring the bloodflow to dis-integrated systems—she spends about 2/3rds of her time planning and practicing grazing with cattle, dogs, horses, and people. Her remaining work time is dedicated to the puzzle of how to reconcile human wants & needs with ecological restoration.

“Bringing the holistic planning alive through land design principles and Google Maps

Takota Coen was born and raised on the Coen Farm where his family has managed their land according to organic agricultural principles for 26 years. With the help of community supported agriculture, they have began transitioning their land into a perennial based agricultural system. By facilitating connections between a variety of livestock, fruit and nut trees and the patterns of the land itself they hope to mimic the health and diversity of a natural ecosystem. In addition to farming, Takota is a permaculture and holistic land consultant where, through his experience and love for the land, he works to empower others with the tools and resources to design and implement resilient living systems that are earth restorative.

“Building healthy soil with practical techniques you can implement on your farm

Garry Richards, his wife Lynn, and their three children Rebekah, Evan, and Caroline have a mixed grain and cattle farm near Bangor, southeast of Melville. Garry and Lynn came back to Garry’s family’s farm in 2000. At that time Garry was a pharmacist, Lynn was a nurse, and it was their goal in the first few years to determine whether or not the farm would be viable without long-term subsidies from off-farm income. The farm was a straight grain operation in 2000, but beef cattle were added in 2002. In 2003 Garry and Lynn took a Holistic Management course and their first child, Rebekah, was born. In 2009 they started growing cover crop cocktails in an effort to become more sustainable. They strive to integrate the cattle and grain enterprises on their farm to achieve healthy land, healthy people, and healthy profits.

“The Soil and Human Health: Why it matters to me & my family”

Kalie Rider is a Dietitian and has her Master’s in food systems and sustainable agriculture. She is passionate about food as it relates to the land and is a complete nerd when it comes to how food nourishes the body. She is a mentor for the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition.

Returning to the farm with regenerative agriculture: A story of transition

Ryan Boyd farms at South Glanton Farms, a mixed farm just north of Forrest, Manitoba. The farm is a third generation family farm and focuses on integrating cattle and livestock to capitalize on the many synergies that exist.

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