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Northam Farm – Rapid City, MB

Their 92 year old grandfather is still very much farming with them and they say he is not stuck in his ways at all. He allows them to explore new ways of farming, and they appreciate that.

Heartleaf Farm – Onanole, MB

"I can’t say enough about the people, I’ve met some great people. I think it’s just being around a lot of people that are seeing the positive nature of what we are doing. It’s hard when you’re doing a solo journey on things...

Bar VI Ranch – Langruth, MB

“Farmers are stewards of the land. We have the closest connection than in any industry. I think it’s our responsibility to manage it in a responsible way."

Hagan Valley Ranch – Virden, MB

“Not very many people get to wake up every morning and just love their jobs, obviously there are days where you do not wanna to go outside and do chores when it’s minus 45 out but I think the good days outweigh the...

Dogs Run Farm – Clearwater, MB

“We’re on this earth to do good. I see a lot of environmental and social injustices happening with agriculture. And I want to be a part of the solution,” says Colin.