Whole Farm & Ranch Planning Course – Foam Lake, SK

Location: Foam Lake, SK

Dates: February 10,11, & 12 & Mar 3, 4 & 5

Holistic Management gives you the tools to care for your people, improve your land and be profitable

Course Contact Information:

Ralph Corcoran 306 532 4778  rlcorcoran@sasktel.net

Justyn Zuchkan  306-647-2062  Justyn_z@hotmail.com

Ralph and Linda have been practicing Holistic Management since it was introduced to them by their daughter in 2001 after she took a six day Holistic Management Course.

Quality of life, health of the land and profits have all improved!

We practice what we teach and we are having excellent results, not only with our lands getting healthier but so are our people.

Tuition $1695/couple $1000/person. This course is approved through the Farm Business Development Initiative Program (eligible to be rebated up to 75% of tuition, you have to be approved before the course starts) 1-800-457-2377 go to www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca

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