Whole Farm & Ranch Planning Course – Imperial, SK

For over 35 years farmers and ranchers in Canada have used Holistic Management to improve land, grow nutritious food, and play a vital role in their local communities. Holistic Management is a value-based decision-making framework that integrates all aspects of planning for social, economic, and environmental considerations. Each and every farm and ranch is unique. With Holistic Management, farmers and ranchers can manage that uniqueness to effectively improve their land and learn how to minimize risk while looking at the resources they can use to their advantage.

Instructors:  Ralph & Linda Corcoran

Ralph and Linda have been practicing Holistic Management since it was introduced to them by their daughter in 2001 after she took a six day Holistic Management Course.Quality of life, health of the land and profits have all improved! We practice what we teach and we are having excellent results, not only with our lands getting healthier but so are our people.

Course Dates

January 11, 12 & 13 and 20, 21 & 22

Tuition $1695/couple $1000/person. This course is approved through the Farm Business Development Initiative Program (eligible to be rebated up to 75% of tuition, you have to be approved before the course starts) 1-800-457-2377 go to www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca

For more information or to register, contact Ralph Corcoran 306-532-4778 or rlcorcoran@sasktel.net or Joanne Mooney 306-963-276

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