Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

Internship opportunity with Don Campbell and the Campbell family at B-C Ranch. This is what their last intern had to say about his stay: “If you are interested in Holistic Management, ranching, horsemanship, etc… I would highly recommend interning with the Campbell’s in Saskatchewan. I interned with them last year and I had a blast! It also definitely worked out financially in my favour, they are very generous. The Campbell family, especially Don Campbell, is famous among Canadian Holistic Managers so this internship would definitely boost your resume! Not to mention the entire family is totally brimming with knowledge, and they are very willing to share it all. Besides Holistic Management, you will learn natural horsemanship, low-stress stock handling, no-till northern gardening, bale grazing, commodity cattle marketing, high density grazing, hunting, trapping, branding calves, biological monitoring, and more.”

Sheldon Frith

Farm Succession:

West Central Saskatchewan

Ron and Louise live on a ranch in west central Saskatchewan.  Ron was born and raised there, being the third generation to farm/ranch this homestead.  After taking a holistic management course in 1997, they proceeded to take all of the farmland and sow it to grass, therefore eliminating the use of chemicals on their land base.  Their goal was to improve the land and bring it back to a healthy state.  They believe they are on that path and would like to see it continue in that manner.

The land base is in three parcels.  One is scrub brush, small poplar trees and native grass, ten miles from home; another is native and tame grass, six miles from home; and the third is farmland at home that has been sowed down to grass.  They try to maintain stockpiled grass and also put up all or most of their winter feed.  All the land has been chemical fee since 2003, making it suitable to get into the organic market if one so wished.  The land has good perimeter fence with electric wire cross fencing for planned grazing.  Wells are in place for each parcel of land ensuring clean water at all times for the livestock. The home parcel has underground pipe with several watering sites available.

There is a lot of potential for diversification.  Elk, moose and deer are in their midst, bird species abound, the native bush land is absolutely beautiful, making way for eco-tourism, bed and breakfasts, get-a-ways.  The land could be more intensely grazed and/or have multi-species grazing.  Much is possible.

No Ron and Louise are ready to retire or semi-retire.  They do not have family to succeed the ranch to.  They are looking for an individual or couple that would be interested in continuing to care for the land in a healthy holistic manner.  A work-related succession plan is an option.

If you are interested give Ron and Louise a call at 306 948 2736 or email at r.hawkins@yourlink.ca.


Creston, British Columbia

Opportunity to land share, share profit with young farming couple. We are doing market gardening & will be putting up a greenhouse to do aquaponics (year round greens) this year. We are looking for a young couple, (with no kids for at least a year) dedicated to being farmers but who may not have the $ to own land. We are willing to do a lifelong farm share with the right husband / wife team. We would hope for about a six month trial period for all concerned. They would need to have planting skills. Some carpentry skills & the desire to live a fairly self- sustainable lifestyle are creative, organic, hardworking & kind. We are looking for those who are willing to be both students & teachers all their lives as we have come to see this as a way to share our blessings. Also must be into ethical animal husbandry, have no pets but be comfortable with cats, dogs, goats, pigs, bunnies, chickens & ducks. We will provide initial housing & later upon setting up an agreement, allow them to build their own wee spot. We will give them a share of the market gardening / nursery profits & a share in our meat harvest. We live close to Creston B C an ideal growing location & super beautiful there are lots of lakes, rivers & mountains all around us great for fishing & kayaking. If people want to work part time Creston is only 10 minutes away. We are a quiet mid- life couple who believe that we are stewards & that sharing is part of our purpose for living.

Contact Ellen & Mike “snowpeach … @ … gmail.com”

Mentors Available:

Contact us to request a mentorship for Holistic Management, farming, ranching, or direct-market agriculture.

Find More Opportunities

Farmlink.net is an excellent website which connects people who have land with people who want land. Many different opportunities are available (apprenticeships, purchase, rent, partnerships, etc) are available all across Canada.

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