Chefs are Making the Connection Between Healthy Land and Taste

Holistic Management, while it has been around for a while, remains an innovative approach that is pushing the frontier of managing resources in a way that is in line with living systems. Being ahead of generally accepted practices, leading activities like this tend to be scrutinized and dismissed by the general population. People say “it’s way out there”, “it’s unrealistic”, “it’s not well researched”, “it’s confusing”, “it’s not worth the effort”…the list goes on. We need to help people get over this.

I was excited to hear Chef Dan Barber on CBC’s The Current yesterday talking about there how is a growing community of chefs that  are making the link between a healthy ecosystem and superior taste. And that not only does it taste good, it is sustainable and good for our planet! It is incredibly motivating to see that farmers, cooks, chefs and eaters see that this way of managing resources is possible. In helping others discover the value of Holistic Management, I think we have to remind ourselves that you have to see the path before you can take it. Chef Dan Barber provides some great examples.

Here is The Current Interview with Chef Dan Barber where he gets more into livestock and grazing:

Here is Chef Dan Barber’s TED Talk where is discusses an amazing aqua culture example:

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