We just finished a small fencing project today that will allow us to bale graze some new areas on the ranch. The bales are placed. The twine is removed. We are set for winter.
We have been bale grazing for the last 25 years. The results in land improvement are outstanding. Besides this we can add in the cash & labor savings of bale grazing. Bale grazing is one of the tools that has helped make us profitable. We still have lots of areas that can be improved by bale grazing. I find it exciting & satisfying to develop a new area for bale grazing.
As we were finishing up today I was reflecting on the results the bale grazing will produce.

We are working with some very poor land. MY Dad’s comment used to be: “we fence it so we know who pays the taxes.” At this time it produces almost nothing. By bale grazing we can improve the land & grow a decent stand of grass. This improvement with proper management will last for generations. We are getting compound interest on our investment in bale grazing. Our children & grandchildren will benefit.


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