Holistic Management Canada Action Plan

Blain compiled the list of ideas from our brainstorming session at The Holistic Management conference in Lloydminster; the following ideas came to mind. My sense is we all wanted to see Holistic Management spread. The following are individual projects that were mentioned in the group sessions. Each one of us can do any or all of them.

  • Put an article you thought was good in your local paper or write one.
  • Host a get together at your farm. This can be as simple as getting a couple of neighbors over for a beer on a warm summer evening, to a larger gathering that is advertised. There are many resources to help”
  1. Holistic Management neighbors or your group
  2. Dept. of agriculture staff
  3. Ducks Unlimited staff
  4. Nature Conservancy staff
  5. Certified educators
  • School and 4H programs. Again these can be very simple. Take the kids out on your grass and let them dig in the soil and show them dung beetles. Invite your local reporter out.
  • Talk with your neighbors and urban relatives about what you do. Don’t get hung up on using the right words. Talk about what you know and see and feel. Make it come from the heart. Talk about soil health, wildlife and food health. The environment is number one in most people’s minds. Let’s tell our good news story.
  • If an opportunity arises talk with your MLA or local councillor about what you are doing. Talk about water and floods with councillors. They understand the cost of that.
  • Social media. This was the one thing that came up most of all. Our lack of a formal structure limits us in a central message but I believe we can all do if we are emailing, tweeting or face booking.
  • Organize a meeting. Local book club, ladies aid, church group, elks are usually interested in something different. Again keep it simple and talk about what you do and what you have observed

This by no means an exhaustive list. We are creative, thinking outside the box people. Use your imagination.


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