Ranch Tour July 11 2014

Larry, Rosemary, Maxwell and Herbert Wegner hosted a ranch tour on July 11th.

The day started at 9am.Ralph introduced the Wegner’s. He then started with a circle. Each person had an opportunity to introduce themselves to the rest of the crowd and to talk about their ranches and enterprises and express if they had any concerns or problems on their places.

Blain facilitated the rest of the morning talking about the eco systems and the importance of litter.

Rosemary served a hot beef sandwich with all the trimmings. Excellent meal it was worth the tour in its self! Thanks again Rosemary.

Right after dinner Herbert took us to the chicken tractor. He explained and demonstrated how the tractor worked. He told us about his school project about the taste test between his grass fed chicken and store bought chicken, where he received a first place for his work.

Then off to the sheep where Maxwell stepped up to the plate and talked about fencing and moving sheep. He talked about the guard dogs and other things that come with raising sheep.

Right after the sheep Larry took us to the grass part of the tour. He showed us some fantastic native grass that he says just keeps filling in with new kinds of native grasses and the bare spaces keep filling in first with thatch then with grass. We did a few bricks tests with different grasses and legumes, then at different heights of the plant including the seed head. Blain talked about how the bricks test works and how the sugars move as the day progresses. Then we went to a paddock that was over 20 years old and Larry said that it keeps on improving he showed us a new plant he found the year before that came from the soil as he never seeded it. Then off to move the cows, this lead to a lot of questions. How do you get the cows to go under the wire? How do you know when to move them is it how much they ate? How much do you leave? How many cows per acre? Larry just said “It is what the planned pasture plan says” The planned pasture plan is done in the winter with the graze periods and the recovery time set. Then you watch the grass in one of the first grazed paddocks to see if you can stay with the plan or change it. Larry says “It is hard moving cows out of paddocks that still have at least another half or more days left” But you have to stick to the plan.

Ralph says ‘We are not rotational grazing any more we are planned grazing”

That took us to 4pm when we got back to the yard. What a quick afternoon.

Blain then led a closing circle and the question was: What was one thing you learned today?

Larry thanked us for coming to their ranch and welcomed us back at anytime.

We thank the Wegner’s for hosting such tours as they are so informative and the crowd teaching is the best.

These tours are a great way of paying it forward and increasing the awareness of Holistic Management. If Holistic Management has given you a leading edge and you would like to share it like the Wegner’s please consider hosting a field day. The Holistic Management certified educators would like to help you have a ranch tour at your place.

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