Rebuttals To Cowspiracy And Other Anti-Holistic Management Propaganda

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These five articles offer a total rebuttal to almost all aspects of the documentary Cowspiracy:

  1. How Accurate Is The Movie “Cowspiracy?”
  2. Cowspiracy & The Building Blocks Of An Absolutist Position
  3. An Ethical Meat Eater’s Response To The Film ‘Cowspiracy’
  4. Review of Ope’s vegan manifesto: “Comfortably Unaware”
  5. Cowspiracy Film Farce: Its Not WHAT You Eat, Its HOW Its Grown

In my opinion the most damaging part of the film Cowspiracy is its treatment of sustainable livestock management techniques. So I have put together a bunch of evidence supporting the effectiveness of using livestock to regenerate the environment. You can access that here:“Evidence Supporting Holistic Management”


You might also be interested in these responses to the most commonly cited anti-Allan Savory articles:

Original Article: “All Sizzle And No Steak: Why Allan Savory’s TED Talk About How Cattle Can Reverse Global Warming Is Dead Wrong”

Response: “Why The Slate Article About Allan Savory Is Dead Wrong

Original Article: “Eat More Meat And Save The World: The Latest Implausible Farming Miracle”

Response: “Why George Monbiot Is Wrong: Grazing Livestock Can Save The World”

Original Article: “TED Talk Teaches Us To Disparage The Desert”

Response: “A Response To Chris Clarke’s Misinformed KCET Article”

Original Article: “Short-Duration Grazing: The Facts in 1999”

Response: “Correcting Misconceptions about the Supposed Discrediting of Savory’s Approach”

Original Article: “Rotational Grazing on Rangelands: Reconciliation of Perception and Experimental Evidence”

Response: “Correcting Misconceptions about the Supposed Discrediting of Savory’s Approach”

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