Regenerative Agrarianism

I’ve been following a class at Berkley by Michael Pollan and Raj Patel called the Edible Education 101. All of their lectures are posted online for free and  its been a great introduction to a wide range of deep thinkers in the growing sustainable farming and food movement. I’d encourage you to check it out, a great self-study.

Specifically I’ve enjoyed the lecture that has involved Courtney White. The lecture involves a discussion on Agriculture and Climate change. Courtney Rosenzweig tackles the impact agriculture is having on carbon emissions globally, but White provides a fresh perspective on using agriculture as a mitigator of climate change.

I’d encourage you to watch it but the piece I most resonated with was when White introduces the idea of Regenerative practices and at the same time Agrarianism. He talks about make agricultural regenerative for the local economy, for the land and for the people. Not only do we want to encourage productive land, but we want to have a stable, vibrant local economy and we want to have farms that support the next generation of farmers. He links to this to Agrarianism, where there is a grass-roots movement of people aware of these issues and working toward a more sustainable future.

I ran out and bought a couple of his books immediately. “Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey Through Carbon Country” by Courtney White has been looted on the HMI website but I’m also excited to read “Revolution on the Range: The Rise of a New Ranch in the American West”

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