Thoughts on Success Part 1

I think the desire to be successful is universal. We all want to feel that we are successful. Are there some things we might do to increase our success? I think that there are: I submit the following for your consideration.

Let’s start with a definition of successful: accomplishing what is desired or intended. This definition leads to my first point.
Develop a Written Goal

A clearly written goal can give you direction & guidance. Your goal becomes like your personal “North Star.” No matter what trials or tribulations you face your goal can give you guidance, security & direction.

Your goal can become your personal definition of success. If you don’t know what success looks like how will you ever achieve it?

Your goal helps you decide what to say yes to & what to say no to. We all have limited time. Spending our time in line with our goal helps us walk our talk. The closer our walk lines up with our talk the more successful & satisfied we will be.

You might ask: why a written goal? There are lots of studies that show that a written goal is much more effective than a goal you may carry in your head. Writing your goal down allows you to share it with other people. This in turn allows those people to challenge you & to help you walk your talk.

Success is very personal. Don’t compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with your dreams & aspirations. The only person who can judge your degree of success is you.

One of the key stones to the success of H M is the 3 part goal. The holistic goal covers the people, the land & the money. Nothing is left out. When everyone has input & commitment to your goal success is bound to follow.

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