Thoughts on Success Part 3

Believe in your spouse.
Bev & I like most married couples (I think) have lots of small things we may not agree on. Fortunately when it comes to the big things Bev offers me unconditional love & support. When I turn to her & suggest we should make some major change in our business (sell the cows, buy our hay, or borrow a million dollars) she says “do what you think is best, I believe in you.” I really think she feels I am 10 feet tall & bullet proof. What do you think that kind of support does for my self-confidence? I encourage everyone to strengthen their marriage & relationships. Believing in your spouse is a choice. Let me share a quote from Gary Gregor:
“You only achieve as much
as your significant other
believes you can.”

              Together you can do so much more than you can do alone. I know that I would not enjoy the success I have without Bev’s love & support.

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