What Is Holistic Management?

Holistic Management has been in Western Canada since the mid 1980,s. There is a strong following of practitioners especially in Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what H M really is. You might hear comments like: H M has to do with cattle, H M is a grazing system, H M is about bale grazing, H M is like organic etc. I suggest that all these comments are incorrect.

 H M is a decision making process.

H M is about making decisions that are simultaneously socially, environmentally & financially sound. How does H M do this? H M begins by having all the people involved in a given situation (the whole) develop a written 3 part goal.  It is critical that the goal has input & by in from each person involved. The goal is based on the deepest values & aspirations of all the people. Unlike most goals the holistic goal is not meant to be achieved. It is designed to give us direction over a long period of time. It might be compared to the North Star … no matter what the situation our goal is unwavering & can always give us direction.

The 3 part goal deals with people, land & finances. When you have dealt with the people, the land & the finances you haven’t left anything out. Recognizing that all three are equally important helps us achieve balance in our lives.
A logical question is: who can benefit from H M? A logical answer is anyone who makes decisions. I think that is all of us.

-Don Campbell

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