Holistic Management Canada

Regenerating wealth for families & communities
through improved land management.

Holistic Management Canada

Start your journey towards a profitable, regenerative farm.

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Healthy Land

Tools to create regenerative landscapes that improve soil health, water infiltration, and ecosystem biodiversity.

Healthy Communities

A growing community of responsible, caring people helping others care for our communities and ecosystems.

Healthy Economies

Financially, ecologically and socially responsible businesses that contribute to a resilient economy. 

Holistic Management Courses

Taking a Holistic Management course is a fantastic investment for the success of you as an individual, for your family, for your business/team and for the land which you call home.  Practitioners all over Canada, the US and around the world are benefiting from the decision-making framework, making decisions that are more socially, ecologically and financially sound. 

Cost $495

Regenerative Farming & Fundamentals

6-Weeks Course on Thursdays
Sept. 14 to Oct. 19, 2023

Cost $495

Financial Planning for a Regenerative Farm

6 Week Course on Thursdays
Nov. 9 to Dec. 14, 2023

Cost $495

Grazing Planning for a Regenerative Farm

6 Week Course on Thursdays
Jan. 11 to Feb. 15, 2024

Cost $495

Land Planning & Monitoring for Regeneration

6 Week Course on Thursdays
Mar. 7 to Apr. 11, 2024