A Lifetime of Learning E-Book

Ten Years of writing for the Holistic Management Canada Newsletter

by Don Campbell

In October 2007 I took on the task of writing a newsletter for Holistic Management Canada. We put out a monthly newsletter until May 2016. My motivation for doing this was threefold:

  1. I care about people.
  2. I wanted more people to live their dream.
  3. Holistic Management had helped me live my dream. I was confident that Holistic Management would help others.

Writing the newsletter was a labor of Love. It helped me fulfill my mission statement. It kept me in touch with a lot of people. It increased my friendship & my influence. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read our newsletters. A lot of people helped with the newsletters in various ways. Thank you.

I compiled this e-book from the newsletters. I did it with the same motivation. If one person benefits from this book I will be pleased. If more than one person benefits, I will be ecstatic.

A special thank you goes out to Ann Adams who helped me compile this book. Thanks Ann.

Happy Trails!


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