Certified Educator Training

Winter 2019 / 2020

Holistic Management Canada is hosting a training cohort this fall and winter for individuals interested in becoming Certified Holistic Management Educators. This cohort approach is unique to Canada as we set up a supportive, mutual learning cohort to go through the certification and most importantly learn together.

How does it work?

Step 1: Apply to the program
Complete the Holistic Management International Certified Educator Application Form. Submit a copy to Ann Adams at HMI and to Ralph Corcoran at HM Canada.

Step 2: Background Assignments
Start working with Ann Adams on your learning portfolio. She will send you a link to six modules with assignments to be completed and submitted. View a sample of the assignments.

Step 3: Mentoring and Coaching with the HM Canada Educator Team
An 8-day course will be organized with all of the program participants. These sessions will provide in depth training on the HM curriculum and provide opportunities for participants to practice teaching the framework. Participants will also develop a learning plan that will guide the ongoing development of their portfolio. The 8 days will take place over two sessions.

  • 1st Session: November 4 – 7, 2019 at Windy Acres Inn, Yorkton, SK
  • 2nd Session: TBD by the cohort and mentors.

In between the sessions, participants will help their mentor teach one or two Holistic Management courses. Participants will complete coaching/mentoring sessions with producers from the courses they have helped teach. They will need to complete two different examples from each module (ie. goal setting, decision testing, financial plan, grazing plan, biological monitoring, land planning). These plans will be submitted along with explanations of learning/process by the participant and the people they have coached/mentored.

Step 4: Mid-Term Written Exam
Participants will complete a written exam answering key questions about the Holistic Management framework to gauge the participant’s level of understanding and ability to explain key concepts and practices.

Step 5: Continuing to Build Your Portfolio
Over the next year, participants will implement their learning plan and build their portfolio through self-directed activities. This may include:

  • Providing pro bono workshops, training sessions, or consultations for
  • individuals and organizations outside your learning community.
  • Writing articles for publication
  • Developing Holistic Management projects locally
  • Creating educational materials
  • Getting further training in areas that improve your facilitation skills
  • (e.g.,mediation)
  • Gathering assessment of the work you have done

Step 6: Case Study
Develop a case study/article about one of your coached examples.

Step 7: Certification
At the end of your second year, participants will participate in an oral exit review with HMI staff, your program mentor, and another Certified Educator from HMI’s Technical Review Committee selected specifically for your area of specialization. Once you have demonstrated competency in your oral exit review and have adequately documented your program efforts within your learning portfolio, including the completion of your case study, you will be identified as a Holistic Management Certified Educator.

Who can participate?

This training is available to anyone that has completed a Holistic Management course either in person or online.


Program Cost: $4,500 US to Holistic Management International. This covers all training costs, educational materials, tests, learning portfolio evaluation, and mentoring. Payment plans are available. Contact Ann Adams for details. Scholarships are available through HMI. You can apply here. Funding may also be available through your provincial Canadian Agricultural Partnership funding.

In-Person Mentoring and Coaching Sessions: Participants are responsible for covering their own travel, accommodation and meals. There is no fee for the training itself. Accommodation at Windy Acres for the first session is $80 CDN / night. The costs of the second session are TBD.

Annual Certification Fee: After you have completed your certification there is an annual fee of $200 US / year to maintain it. This provides you with a listing on the HMI and HM Canada websites as an educator, advertising the In Practice Magazine, curriculum materials and professional development opportunities. There is also an Associate status which costs $50 / year.

Double Certification Option

Participants interested in Savory Institute Certified Educator Training will be invited to challenge the Savory Institute Certified Educator exam to acquire double certification for the cost of $199US. This is available through a partnership with the Prairie Pasture Hub. Savory educators are eligible for the Savory Hub verifier training. Hub verifiers are trained to set up an ecoregion of an area and take short and long term monitoring measurements for verification standards. Hub Verifiers can train any farmer to become a short term or long term monitor. Farmers are not allowed to take the measurements on their own farm for verification purposes. It has to be a 3rd party.


Program Contact:
Dana Penrice,
Holistic Management Canada Coordinator
780-914-6282 | coordinator@holisticmanagement.ca