2024 Conference

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February 9 – 11, 2024 Valleyview, Alberta

Holistic Management Canada organizes an annual conference that brings together land managers, families and community initiatives. We pride ourselves on having attendees from tiny tots to octogenarians and everyone in between. There’s a place for everyone as we gather around our shared values of caring for the land and for people. This year we are excited to be hosting our annual conference in the Peace Region. Many amazing Holistic Management practitioners have been working hard to regenerate land and create vibrant communities in this region. We are excited to showcase their work!

Date: February 9 – 11, 2024
Location: Greenview Regional Multiplex, Valleyview, Alberta

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Speaker Bios:

  Kit Pharo – Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
Kit Pharo coined the term ‘Herd Quitter’ to refer to people who have enough courage to break away from the status-quo, herd-mentality way of thinking. Kit also runs the Pharo Cattle Company in Eastern Colorado, an internationally renowned stud business, with his wife Deanna. Early in their cattle business they discovered that increasing production wasn’t nearly as important as increasing profits, and there was a very poor correlation between production and profit. In his presentation Kit explores his key belief is that ranching should be profitable, enjoyable and sustainable. Without the first 2 elements ranching is not sustainable.
  Amy Hughes – Shropshire, UK
Amy is a beef and sheep farmer’s daughter with a passion for British agriculture. She has a strong interest in human mindset and how this influences the adoption of change, she jointly hosts a podcast called “Think Outside the Fence” with Arron Nerbas, from Shellmouth, Manitoba. She is the Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager, at AHDB Beef & Lamb. Her hobbies include clay pigeon shooting, hiking and reading, particularly around the subjects of regenerative agriculture, human mindset and the sustainable red meat ‘debate’.
  Wayne Knight – Van Alstyne, TX
Over the years Wayne has went from calling himself  a cattle rancher, to a grass farmer, to a soil-microbe farmer, even though he has always marketed beef. Privileged to work with his father, Tom Knight, who was an early adopter of Holistic Management under Allan Savory – Stan Parsons consulting, Wayne enthusiastically increased and intensified the practices HMI teaches. He became a Certified Educator in 2006 and was actively involved with the Southern African CE community organization, Community Dynamics. He has spoken at numerous conferences in Southern Africa, trained and mentored farmers, hosted open days on his property, and has written about his positive results using Holistic Management. Before joining the team at HMI Wayne served as a board member of the organization for 8 years. Through his enthusiasm for Holistic Management Wayne has traveled widely visiting farmers who practice high-density, long recovery grazing practices in Southern Africa, Australia, and the US. 
  Arron Nerbas – Shellmouth, MB
Arron is a partner at Nerbas Bros. Angus, an intergenerational ranch located near Shellmouth, Manitoba. It is a forage only operation breeding commercially based, black angus genetics. The Nerbas operation has been applying holistic and regenerative principles in their management for close to 20 years and take a ‘herd first’ approach to their breeding programme, producing animals that fit the system while farming with nature. Arron launched a podcast in summer 2023 with his co-host, Amy Hughes, called Think Outside The Fence which encourages people to think differently in agriculture. Arron spends his free time travelling with his family and flying his Piper plane.
  Bluesette Campbell – Meadowlake, SK
Bluesette Campbell and her husband, Mark, run a 4000-acre ranch as a 700-cow/calf and long yearling operation along with Mark’s brother, Scott. They are third generation Campbells with the intergenerational transition to the fourth just around the corner. Their family ranch has been managed holistically for 35 years with Bluesette being a manager/owner for the past 20+. It is stated in their 3-part holistic goal that ideas and experiences are shared with others in the community, therefore, as Don Campbell did before her, Bluesette is becoming a Certified Educator so she can teach what has brought her family much success in agriculture. She currently sits as President on the HM Canada Board and is actively teaching course, speaking and consulting.
  Dana Penrice – Shoal Lake, MB
Dana is an Accredited Professional with the Savory Institute. She believes that we don’t just need to regenerate the land, we need to regenerate the spirit and culture of the people on the land. Dana brings her experience with Human Venture Leadership.
  Kolby Peterson – Pouce Coupe, BC
Kolby farms at Wildwood Farm with Tim and Linda Ewert. They are working to co-create a co-operative and intergenerational farm. They use their horse team whenever possible to complete work at a joyful and non-industrial pace.
  Lilli Lundgard – Peace River, AB
Lilli came to Canada from Germany on an apprenticeship in 2013 where her love for agriculture and the Peace Region blossomed. Lilli is a Community Helpers Program Facilitator where she shares her passion for building relationships and community.
  Lisa Kitt – Goodfare, AB
Lisa farms with her family at The Homestead where they grow grass-fed beef, free-range chickens, pasture pork, vegetables and microgreens. They are also working to raise a new generation of farmers through Woofing and apprenticeships.
  Lydia Carpenter – Ninette, MB
Lydia lives and farms in southwestern Manitoba with her partner Wian and their son Alastair. She and Wian are part of a family farm transition plan with non-family members. They have purchased land, cattle and other farm assets as part of their transition and work closely with their neighbour in a joint venture cattle grazing and finishing operation. Lydia and Wian have been using insights from Holistic Management in their decision making process and resource planning for over 10 years to build a profitable farm business and direct to customer meat business. Lydia has a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources Management with a research focus in rural livelihoods. Lydia also currently works in conflict resolution and mediation and works as a facilitator, certified mediator and executive coach with Elaine Froese Farm Family Coach.
  Erin Crampton – Vancouver Island, BC
Erin has always been in love with working landscapes and ecosystems. She grew up on a mixed farm in Manitoba, then ran a seasonal grocery store in Winnipeg for 20 years where she worked with farmers using regenerative ways. Since then she catalysed the Ecological Outcome Verification in Canada, became an Accredited Professional with the Savory Institute, and has been working at the intersection of ecosystem marketplaces, restoration, agriculture, community and the climate crisis.  Erin is back in Canada after working for 3 years with a Climate start up in New Zealand.  
  Kenidee Beck – Teepee Creek, AB
Kenidee is a 4th generation farmer raising beef, pigs and chickens in Teepee Creek AB. Their farm focuses mostly on the livestock and produces only the grains they need for their animals. Kenidee was involved in 4H for 8 years focusing on the cattle side and used that to help grow her herd today. She has made a Facebook, instagram and YouTube for their farm to connect with others alike and also people who might not know much about farming.
  Jay Eaton – Valleyview, AB
Jay Eaton grew up a small town Saskatchewan girl and married Pat who was born and raised in the cattle industry . In 1997, they moved their cattle and their 4 children to the Valleyview area. They run a cow /calf and yearling operation. Their sons and their wives have recently joined their company Alder Ridge Ranching.
  Don Forbes – Manitoba
Don and Ruth Forbes own an intergeneration 320 acre cattle pasture that has been rented out for season long cattle grazing for decades. Unfortunately, the land degradation has accelerated due to poor land management. This prompted them to paticipate in the Manitoba Regenerative Accelerator Program. Don and Ruth would like to share their successes/failures on implementing the first year of a Holistic Management cattle custom grazing program.


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