Holistic Management Course – Pilot Mound, MB

To register for this course, contact:  bluesettecampbell@gmail.com 306-240-8044 (call or text).  

Join us for a 6-day in-person Holistic Management Course.

Course Instructor: Bluesette Campbell, Holistic Management Educator

When: February 16-18 and 25-27, 2024

Where:Currie Country Living near Pilot Mound 

Course Format: This will be an in-person course.

Cost: The cost for this course is $1800/farm unit (up to 4 people) and single attendees will be $1200. Bringing spouses/significant others is highly encouraged.  If costs are a barrier, contact the organizers for possible options on a case-by-case basis. Deposits of 50% down will be required by January 15th.  A minimum of six farm units must be confirmed by this time.

What to expect: Taking a Holistic Management course is a fantastic investment for the success of you as an individual, for your family, for your business/team and for the land which you call home.  It is a commitment of both time and money which, in turn, provides knowledge and skills that you can use for the rest of your life.  Practitioners all over Canada, the US and around the world are benefiting from the decision-making framework and making decisions that are more socially-, ecologically- and financially-sound.  You can expect to leave from an HM course with the following assets plus an experience you might never forget.

  • A written, three-part holistic goal, or context, for guiding decisions
  • Increased understanding of the importance of the people involved in your family and/or business
  • Team-building enhancements
  • Decision-making framework and decision-testing guidelines that address root causes and weak links
  • Increased understanding of management impacts on basic soil health principles and ecosystem processes including, water, mineral, energy cycles and biodiversity
  • Land, cropping, and grazing planning with discussion around topics of management decisions on soil disturbance, overgrazing, stock density and animal impact plus how to monitor progress to inform future management decisions
  • Your own land, cropping and/or grazing plan
  • Step to financial planning with discussions on topics like profitability, net worth, expense prioritization and gross profit analysis
  • Your own financial plan
  • A new set of lenses to look at your challenges differently
  • Inspiration, motivation and support to make improvements in your people, land and finances
Day Content Learnings
1 Intro to HM, Paradigms, Goal Setting What impact would a goal have on the success of your business?  Learn how to develop a 3-pt HM goal.
2 Decision making, Eco system processes, Land Planning, Financial Planning What if your long-term profitability depended on the health of the land?  Discover healthy water and mineral cycles, energy flow and dynamic soil communities.
3 More Financial Planning, SWOT analysis, Time Management Are you too busy to get everything done that you want to?  Reconsider how you think about time and identify your priorities.
4 Deeper Ecosystem Processes, Grazing/Cropping Planning Who decides when and how to move the livestock?  Develop a plan, months before turning the livestock out or planting a field or seeding a quarter. 
5 Strategic Planning, Testing Questions, Develop Individual Plans Where do you want to be in 3-5 years in your personal life and your business?  How do you know you are heading in the right directions?  Test your decisions and feel confident moving forward. 
6 Communication, Consensus, Marketing, Monitoring Management Groups How do you keep it all together and stay on top of things?  Maybe, it’s who you know and your ability to communicate with those you trust.