Pasture Planning Courses – Saskatchewan

Hello Everyone,

I would like to re-introduce myself again, I’m Ralph Corcoran I am a Holistic Management Educator. I have been working with CFGA to help producers in Saskatchewan create Pasture Plans to apply for CFGA funding. Below are dates for the one-day pasture plan sessions that will take place in November. Your plans will need to be complete by December 31 to apply for the CFGA funding. When the 2024 applications are opened it will be first come first served for applications.

The Pasture Plan is $1750 85% refundable from CFGA and I am including 3 more days of Holistic Management mentorship (in the end this will be equivalent to a Four Day Holistic Management Course). The pasture plan will make a lot more sense with the tools Holistic Management has to offer.

Pasture Planning Dates:

  • Weyburn / Gladmar – November 16
  • Maple Creek – November 17
  • Consul – November 18
  • Eastend – November 19
  • Moosomin/Whitewood – November 21
  • Glen Ewen – November 22

These courses maybe combined when I hear back from people that are interested. Contact me for questions or to register at 306-434-9772

I look forward to seeing you there!

Ralph Corcoran