November 2021: Holistic Management Course – Meadow Lake

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Join us for a 6-day in-person Holistic Management near Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.

Course Instructors: Kelly Sidoryk Holistic Management Certified Educator, and Bluesette Campbell, Deanne Chuiko and John Chuiko, Holistic Management Practitioners and Certified Educators-in-Training

When: November 12 to 14, 2021 and November, 26 to 28, 2021.

Where: Water’s Edge  Eco Lodge in the Meadow Lake Provincial Park. We are booking the entire lodge, which has 8 rooms, which provides extra safety with no other guests on the premises over the weekends.  It has great outdoor spaces, lakeviews and nature trails conducive to great creative thinking and learning.  

Course Format: This will be an in-person course. We are planning on carrying through with this event with health and safety measures in place, unless provincial public health guidelines prevent us from doing so.

Cost: The cost for this course is $1800/farm unit (up to 2-4 people) while a single attendee will be $1200. Bringing significant others is highly encouraged.  If costs are a significant barrier, contact the organizers for possible options on a case-by-case basis. Deposits of 50% down will be required by November 1st, 2021.  If the course must be cancelled due to covid restrictions and the venue is unavailable, full refunds will be provided.

Accommodations: Rooms must be booked through the venue and there is no restaurant on the premises.  There is a full kitchen for guest use and details about lodge amenities and offerings can be found at

Course Registration: To register or for more information about this course, contact: 306-240-8044 (call or text)

1Intro to HM, Paradigms, Goal SettingWhat impact would a goal have on the success of your business?  Learn how to develop a 3-pt HM goal.
2Decision making, Eco system processes, Land Planning, Financial PlanningWhat if your long-term profitability depended on the health of the land?  Discover healthy water and mineral cycles, energy flow and dynamic soil communities.
3More Financial Planning, SWOT analysis, Time ManagementAre you too busy to get everything done that you want to?  Reconsider how you think about time and identify your priorities.
4Deeper Ecosystem Processes, Grazing/Cropping PlanningWho decides when and how to move the livestock?  Develop a plan, months before turning the livestock out or planting a field. 
5Strategic Planning, Testing Questions, Develop Individual PlansWhere do you want to be in 3-5 years in your personal life and your business?  How do you know you are heading in the right directions?  Test your decisions and feel confident moving forward. 
6Communication, Consensus, Marketing, Monitoring Management GroupsHow do you keep it all together and stay on top of things?  Maybe, it’s who you know and your ability to communicate with those you trust.