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Read about how Holistic Management is practiced and mastered.

A Life Time of Learning E-Book by Don Campbell This includes 10 years of topics covered in the Holistic Management Canada newsletter. It is chock full of thoughtful insights and tips from Don Campbell’s experiences working with farmers and ranchers. Download this E-Book. 

The Foundations of Holistic Management E-Book by the Savory Institute How would the principles of Holistic Management work on your farm, in your context? Read about the key principles. Download this E-Book.

Holistic Ranching E-Book by Don Campbell Hear stories and philosophies from Don about his approach to ranching and how to incorporate Holistic Management into the family, farm and business. Download this E-Book.

“My writing was a labor of Love. I wanted to help people have a better life and to spread the news about Holistic Management. These ebooks are a collection of all my articles. I compiled them to help people and to spread Holistic Management. I hope you will read and benefit from this book.”
– Happy Trails. Don