Holistic Management Courses

Holistic Management gives you the tools to care for your people, improve your land and be profitable!

Holistic Management Canada hosts courses across Canada. Participants learn how to apply the principles of Holistic Management to their operation. Hands-on learning is supported through a combination of large group, small group and independent activities. At the end of the course participants  have the opportunity of creating a management club to continue learning and applying the principles together as a community.

Cost $495

Grazing Planning for a Regenerative Farm

4 week course
Mar 14, Mar 21, March 28 and Apr 4, 2024

Cost $495

Land Planning & Monitoring for Regeneration

4 week course
Apr 18, Apr 25, May 2, and May 9

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Holistic Management Course – Gull Lake, SK

February 2-5, 2024

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What You’ll Learn

Decision Making

Get where you want to go.
  • Introduction to Holistic Management
  • Making improved decisions that fit your context
  • Keys to effective communication and team building

Land Planning

Get the ecology working for you.
  • Enhance ecosystem functions, biological diversity and productivity.
  • Grazing principles
  • Develop a grazing plan or a cropping plan

Financial Planning

Plan for a profit.
  • Achieving your desired quality of life while ensuring your are financially secure.
  • Review principles of holistic financial planning
  • Develop your operation’s annual financial plan