Holistic Management® Educators

Kelly Sidoryk, Certified HMI Holistic Management Educator,
Lloydminster, AB | 780-875-4418 | 780-872-2585 | 780-872-9761 | kelly.sidoryk@gmail.com
| Kelly’s Instagram

Kelly Sidoryk ranches with her family near Lloydminster, Sask./Alta. Over 25 years ago they were introduced to Holistic Resource Management (as it was known at the time), a decision making/planning process that focusses on finances, land and people.  She completed the certification program through HRM with a focus on the people side. In addition to running their family business, she has worked with many farm families as they work on transitioning to the next generation. She also teaches Holistic Management Whole/Farm Ranch Planning courses and is a certified educator with Holistic Management International(HMI). Currently, she is past-chair of the HMI board.
Bluesette Campbell, Certified HMI Holistic Management Educator-In-Training
Meadow Lake, SK |306-240-8044 |
bluesettecampbell@gmail.com |  b-cranch.ca | B-C Ranch on Facebook

Bluesette Campbell and her husband, Mark, run a 4000-acre ranch as a 700-cow/calf and long yearling operation along with Mark’s brother, Scott.  They are third generation Campbells with the intergenerational transition to the fourth just around the corner.  Their family ranch has been managed holistically for 35 years with Bluesette being a manager/owner for the past 20+.  It is stated in their 3-part holistic goal that ideas and experiences are shared with others in the community, therefore, as Don Campbell did before her, Bluesette is becoming a Certified Educator so she can teach what has brought her family much success in agriculture. She currently sits as President on the HM Canada Board and is actively teaching course, speaking and consulting.
Deanne and John Chuiko, HMI Holistic Management Educators-In-Training,
St. Walburg, SK | jchuiko@hotmail.comdchuiko@hotmail.com | Deanne’s Instagram

John & Deanne Chuiko ranch in NW Saskatchewan with their two kids, Matt & Rylee.  They took Holistic Management in 2016 and have implemented HM practices into all aspects of their life.  They are always open to learning and finding new ways to make their lives and business better.  This is what led them down the HM Educator path.  
Dana Penrice, Savory Institute Accredited Professional and HMI Holistic Management Educator-In-Training
Shoal Lake, MB |780-914-6282 | danapenrice@gmail.com

Dana farms with her partner Ted Chastko at Shoal Lake, Manitoba. Dana works with new and young farmers through the Young Agrarians program and has an interest in farm transition, land access and business planning. She recently completed the Savory Institute’s Ecological Outcome Verification training.
Cory Van Groningen, Savory Institute Accredited Professional and Hub Verifier
Haldimand – Norfolk, ON |  cory@ecosystemhub.ca

Cory and his family have a farm that produces beef, and pastured poultry to sell through Harvest to Gather brands in South-Western Ontario, their family business. Cory has a wealth of experience in the full supply chain and is interested in the opportunities for regenerative outcomes. Cory is a Field Professional in Holistic Management and Hub Verifier for Eastern Canada. Cory has recently founded the Ecosystem Hub in Ontario to bring Holistic Management to land managers and eaters alike in Southern Ontario.
Tony & Fran McQuail, Certified HMI Holistic Management Educator,
Ashfield Colborne Wawanosh Township, ON | 519-528-2493 | mcqufarm@hurontel.on.ca

Tony and Fran have fifty  years of farm experience on their certified organic farm with experience in raising and direct marketing grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and pastured pigs. They also operated a Community Supported Market Garden for 15 years. They have extensive portable fencing knowledge and knowledge on renewable energy, draft horses, ecological agriculture. “The Holistic Management goal setting, decision making framework, financial planning and grazing management were transformative for our farm and our families life on the farm.  After we took the HM course life went from us working for the farm – to managing the farm so it was working for us and our family.” They are willing to teach courses, do individual consulting and mentoring in person or using zoom.  Six years ago, they finalized a farm transition process in their family.
Ralph Corcoran, Certified HMI Holistic Management Educator
Langbank, SK  | 306-532-4778 | rlcorcoran@sasktel.net

Ralph and Linda own a cow/calf and custom grazing ranch that they manage holistically.  They promote Holistic Management to anyone that is interested because Holistic Management has helped strengthen their operation in people, land and finances. They teach a 4 day course covering goal setting, financial planning, pasture and land planning.  A group of between 10 and 20 people is optimal.  Couples or management teams are encouraged to attend. The management club that is formed after the course is good support to implement positive changes. We also offer a one day overview of Holistic Management and will do consulting in goal setting, financial planning, land & pasture planning.
Lydia Carpenter, HMI Holistic Management Educator-In-Training
Belmont, MB | 204-724-6004 | lydiacarpenter03@gmail.com

Lydia and her partner run Luna Field Farm at Ninette, MB. They have a wealth of experience in direct marketing and building a customer base. They run cattle, do pasture pigs and poultry.
Blain Hjertaas, Certified HMI Holistic Management Educator,
Redvers, SK | 306-452-3882 | bhjer@sasktel.net

Blain has been farming 48 years, the last 25 regeneratively. He has also been measuring and monitoring carbon sequestration on  a number of farm fields in SE Saskatchewan and SW Manitoba. Blain is passionate about  soil health and the role that it can play in mitigating the effects of climate change. He speaks on this topic at many seminars and conferences. He also works as a soil health consultant for Understanding AG. In this role he has been working on the General Mills Oat Pilot Project. This the largest agro-ecological study ever conducted and its purpose is to assess carbon sequestration and ecological function by farming more regeneratively. He works with 45 farms from Foam Lake, Saskatchewan to the Red River Valley in Manitoba. Blain does individual consulting and teaches the occasional Holistic Management course. Blain is married to Naomi and they have 3 children. The oldest son does most of the day to day operations on the farm and Naomi and Blain have moved off the farm to the lake to their retirement home. They have 4 grandchildren.
Don Campbell, Certified HMI Holistic Management Educator
Meadow Lake, SK | 306-240-7660 | 306-236-6088

Don is a second-generation rancher born in 1944 raised at Meadow Lake, Sask. Don has 30 years of experience teaching Holistic Management across Western Canada & implementing the practices on his ranch. The ranch is now operated by Don’s family. Don has retired from teaching Holistic Management.
Bronwyn Green, Savory Institute Associate Educator
Winnipeg, MB | 204-230-6861
| bronwyn@holisticmanagement.ca

Bronwyn is passionate about growing nutritious food for her family and community in a way that regenerates our land. She has been serving and managing restaurants for the past 12 years. Bronwyn has been independently studying agriculture and food systems ever since graduating from high school, in her hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Bronwyn’s favorite place to be is in her backyard garden. Currently she is employed with Holistic Management Canada as Project Manager and Communications. She is an associate Educator with the Savory Institute. Her dream is to build a green space just outside of Winnipeg that grows nutrient dense food, restores ecosystem processes, and acts as a hub for people in the community to share, learn, and grow together.

Educator Certification:

Educators are certified under either the Holistic Management International Certified Educator Program or the Savory Institute Accredited Professional Program. Both require a demonstration of mastery in the Holistic Management framework.