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Holistic Management Textbook: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore our Environment by Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield  outlines Savory’s paradigm-changing vision for reversing desertification, stemming the loss of biodiversity, eliminating fundamental causes of human impoverishment throughout the world, and climate change. The long-anticipated new edition is written for new generations of ranchers, farmers, eco and social entrepreneurs, and development professionals working to address global environmental and social degradation. 

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Holistic Management Handbook: Regenerating Your Land and Growing Your Profits by Jody ButterfieldSamuel Bingham, and Allan Savory is designed as a practical companion for people who actually manage land and any others who want to know what responsibility for land really means. The Holistic Management Handbook covers the planning and monitoring procedures land managers need to master: Holistic Financial Planning, Holistic Planned Grazing, Holistic Ecological Monitoring, and Holistic Land Planning. Each chapter starts with a review of basic concepts and techniques and then takes you through the step-by-step procedure for getting your plan down on paper, monitoring it, adjusting it; or, in the case of ecological monitoring, recording changes on the land and interpreting your results.

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Self-Study Courses

Foundations of Holistic Management:
The solution to climate change, drought resilience, food security, and financial viability lies in our approach to management. 
Holistic Management uses decision-making and planning processes that give people the insights and management tools needed to work with the web of complexity that exists in nature; resulting in better, more informed decisions that balance social, environmental, and financial considerations.
Dive into the five foundational courses of Holistic Management and learn to think and act for our future.

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101: Introduction to Holistic Management
In this course, start your journey to thinking and acting regeneratively by learning the principles that corporations, governments, and individuals alike are turning to for guidance: Holistic Management.

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102: Introduction to Ecosystem Processes
In the Introduction to Ecosystem Processes you’ll learn how Allan Savory discovered the four key ecosystem insights and how we can nurture our planet through Holistic Management. Immerse yourself in fundamental processes of the ecosystem and use decades of observation and insight to learn how you can unlock the potential of your land.

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103: Tools to Manage Ecosystem Processes
Land management is a practice of doing: doing what’s needed, when it’s needed, to produce. But we mustn’t forget the importance of how. Often we overlook the tools we use to manage, at a great cost.

Learn to shift your thinking from conventional to holistic and expand your toolbox, allowing you to better understand how your decision making and tool choice will have a huge impact on your outcomes.

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104: Holistic Management Decision Making
As the complexity of our decisions increase, our decision-making process determines the quality of the outcomes. The Holistic Management Decision Making Framework allows us to manage complexity by effectively identifying the actions that can be supported by our resources and match our values.  
Dive into Holistic Management decision-making and learn to make decisions that are financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

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105: Monitoring Your Decisions
Holistic Management restores grasslands. Healthy grasslands lead to carbon sequestration, drought resilience, food security, and financially viable communities. Using nature as a guide, together we’ll learn the Holistic Management decision-making and planning processes and begin to understand how we can successfully manage land to build our future.
Learn to process your decisions holistically to ensure they align with your values and create the best possible outcomes.

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Standardized Worksheet
Used in Holistic Financial Planning to record decisions and calculations that will be incorporated into the annual income and expense spreadsheet. Also can be used to record the biological year, cropping practices, and other factors that will impact your grazing plan.

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Grazing Planning Worksheet
Used with the Aide Memoires for the Growing and Non-growing Season to record the plan and to adjust and re-plan as the season progresses. Available in 20-paddock and 35-paddock versions.

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Financial Planning Worksheets
A spreadsheet used in Holistic Financial Planning that shows the final plan and tracks actual progress and modifications made throughout the year.

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